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Sistemas de caminho de cabos

Powerspan PS75 Cable Ladder

POWERSPAN is a range of robust, versatile all welded construction single
sided cable ladders.

POWERSPAN is specifically designed to carr y cables in an edge mounted
application over spans of up to 4,0m (PS**/2) and 5,0m (PS**/3) at design
working load.

POWERSPAN may be used with equal success in the horizontally mounted
application, with load capabilit y varying in relation to the side rail depth

POWERSPAN is manufactured using 2mm (PS**/2) or 3mm (PS**/3) thick by
3,0m long lipped "Z" shaped side rails and channel cross rungs at 300mm
centers with 25mm x 7mm laterally slot ted holes at 25mm centers.

POWERSPAN splice sets comprise two angle side rail splices, bolted in both
horizontal and ver tical planes using 8 x M8 x 16 Cup Square bolts, nuts and
flat washers per splice.

POWERSPAN has a comprehensive range of accessories manufactured from
2mm thick steel in 450mm, 650mm and 1000mm internal radii. Cable ladder
covers and ear th studs are available and should be specified at order stage, if

POWERSPAN is designed to accept cable ties / Uni-Clamps.


Full range of Covers available on request
Flat or Peaked