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Sistemas de caminho de cabos

Gridspan® Wire Mesh Cable Trays

GRIDSPAN comprises two ranges of wire mesh type, medium and heavy duty cable trays.

GRIDSPAN provides maximum cable ventilation, limits dust build-up and is easily cut to size on site for non-standard shapes, increasing the product's versatility and usefulness.

GRIDSPAN is used in horizontally or edge mounted applications over spans of between 1,8m for GS50 and 2,5m for GS75 at design working load.

GRIDSPAN is manufactured using a resistance butt welding and press braking technique in 3,0m lengths using 4,0mm and 5,0mm diameter wires for GS50 and GS75 respectively.

GRIDSPAN has 50mm x 50mm and 50mm x 25mm wire spacings in the base and flange of the trays respectively, promoting comprehensive cable tying methods and allowing simple cable take of fs through the flanges or base of the product with the minimum of site alterations.

GRIDSPAN splice sets comprise 3, 4 or 5 splice clamp sets for tray widths 100-200mm, 300-500mm or 600 -1000mm respectively (spaced to suit the tray width), bolted singularly using one M6 bolt, hex nut and flat washer per splice clamp set.

GRIDSPAN fixes to the cable tray support by means of a hold down bracket, Hex Set screw and Spring Nut.

GRIDSPAN has a comprehensive range of accessories manufactured in 450mm internal radius.

Gridspan® GS50 Wire Mesh

Gridspan® GS75 Wire Mesh


Accessory Radius: Minimum 450mm.

Test results per individual lengths can vary due to manufacturing tolerances. The loading data is for guidance only and are typical. No guarantee can be of fered that the installed product will match the loading information exactly. Deflection of span over 200 is used as a standard on all cable carrying products.